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          Administrative law enforcement is the basis of service law enforcement recorder application, application of rules based on the original instrument of law enforcement, law enforcement personnel in law enforcement is an important equipment in the administration, with audio and video recording function, remote connection function and a key alarm function, increase the efficiency of law enforcement, law enforcement recorder collection process ensure fairness, openness, the legal effect of audio and video evidence collection.
          ● avoid all kinds of illegal acts appear
          ● record the scene of the accident, convenient evidence
          ● law enforcement control, avoid disputes
          ● improve the efficiency of law enforcement, to ensure the safety of the masses
          Security patrol recorder is used in law enforcement relative directivity, which plays a role of security personnel in a certain range, the law enforcement recorder of personnel and goods control, while dealing with complex situations can also contact personnel timely treatment, greatly improve the efficiency of law enforcement patrols during the recording scene all day long, ensure all day long safety.
          ● The entry of personnel monitoring, strengthen personnel and goods management
          ● The abnormal situation timely prevention
          ● promptly contact the relevant personnel, improve the processing speed of the accident
          Play a big role in the working process of firefighters, even in special circumstances, can all-weather recording site, remote make timely solution to the accident, improve the processing efficiency. At the same time support a key remote alarm function, the console and the surrounding personnel make timely feedback, reduce the accident delay.
          ●The key to improve the efficiency of alarm function.
          ●The remote video monitoring, timely processing of the issue
          ● long standby time, can work polyphonic video recording
          ● The infrared night vision function, timely recording of the scene
          The use of drug law enforcement recorder can support audio and video function, GPS positioning function, can browse and replay the scene, while the video content for preservation, convenient administrative enforcement of the scene investigation, reproduce the illegal facts, on the evidence, is the technical support for on-site law enforcement forensics.
          ● The entry of personnel monitoring, strengthen personnel and goods management
          ● Can be derived and preservation of audio and video content
          ● built in GPS, the supervision of the law enforcement personnel
          In transportation, law enforcement recorder can be used in Railway applications more passengers in the law enforcement instrument can be recorded on the scene of passengers and staff at the same time remote monitoring site, make timely emergency treatment.
          ● At the scene of record, to control the passengers and on-site emergency
          ● Behavior - control staff
          ● The scene of the accident found evidence.
          You can use Procuratorate law enforcement records the whole process of handling personnel to perform their duties of synchronous recording and save the corresponding data, all images, voice data storage after all could not guarantee the accuracy of modification, shooting information, openness and authority.
          ● The preservation of live audio and video handling
          ● The investigators of industry control
          ● Can be archived on the audio and video information for later recall
          Can recording the execution scene, the judges are for the case of execution, they will be through the law enforcement recorder and every act and every move command terminal, transmission command center. For possible emergencies in the process of implementation, timely take the seizure, freezing, fines, detention and other compulsory measures.
          ● The whole record of the hearing.
          ● It can be shifted to the case, the reduction process of the accident
          ● Under field condition to take relevant measures
          Use law enforcement recorder function, easy to implement mobile collaborative intercom, video scheduling and the location of the GIS based collaborative scheduling; system has good compatibility, safety and reliability, to achieve unified management of all user terminals in different network environment; system platform with professional interface rich, can realize non cooperative communication dead, law enforcement everywhere!
          ●The GPS positioning function, can locate the position of the car / person
          ● In the remote real-time monitoring, real-time transmission of the command command center
          ● In real-time voice intercom function, efficient communication and collaboration command intercom
          ● The last for the whole record of the law enforcement process
          Borrow the function of the law enforcement recorder, you can easily achieve the technical site records, remote transmission through the 4G, real-time reception of information on the scene, to adjust and personnel arrangements, greatly improving the processing speed of the problem
          ● The video recording of personnel and equipment
          ● Emergency timely treatment
          ● The remote video monitoring, content playback
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