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          +86 755 26503848

          +86 13903026175

          Remote Live Audio Monitoring

          User can use laptop software to talk to body camera from the control center

          Live Tracking Via Build-in GPS

          User can get the live location of the device via 4G, live tracking the device and get historical GPS data via software

          Instant Alarm Report Through Panic Button

          By pressing the panic button on body camera, user can send an alarm information to the control center

          1512P High Definition Recording

          Recording at 1512P high definition resolution, more dear picture, more wide angle

          Waterproof Design

          Support Recording With IR On at Night

          Low Power Consumption, More Battery Life

          3500mAh for 1080p30 continuous recording upto 15h
          4200mAh for 1080p30 continuous recording upto 18h
          The device current is only 300mA@3.7V when recording at 1512P resolution
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