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          +86 755 26503848

          +86 13903026175

          Enterprise Introduction

          Easy Stroage Technologies Co., Ltd was established in 2002, specializes in digital audio and video surveillance product development, production, sale and service of high-tech products. Easy Storage is one of the China’s security industry leading companies with independent intellectual property rights of high-tech company products and software. The company has a team of experienced R&D engineers and experienced marketing and management personnel.
          Easy Storage has the advantage of executive management with visionary leadership, backed by superior development engineering technologies. Easy Storage has been focusing attention on new products, new technology innovation. In order to meet market demand, Easy Storage have launched mobile DVR, video/audio compression cards and body cameras. All products, protected under independent intellectual property rights, and have passed the European CE certification, as well as the U.S. FCC certification. With several different series of video solutions, the product line offers diversified products and meets the different need of users. These products are widely used in law enforcement, transportation, intelligence community and many other market applications. Our products, have been exported to the United States, Europe, Russia, Japan, Australia, Middle East and other dozens of countries and regions.
          “Integrity, Innovation and Service.” Is the company motto of Easy Storage Technologies Co., Ltd., will be our long-term business philosophy.


          Business Process

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