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          +86 755 26503848

          +86 13903026175


          1, college degree or above, more than 1 years sales experience;

          2, with affinity, quick response, good cooperation;

          3, have a certain market analysis and judgment ability, good customer service consciousness;

          4, have a sense of responsibility, strong execution, strong desire for success, to adapt to the surrounding business trip


          1, responsible for the development and maintenance of Hebei, Tianjin market customers;

          2, complete the quantitative work under the leadership and supervision of the superior, have the ability to deal with problems independently;

          3, to achieve sales target; according to product advantages to understand and explore customer needs to improve order to achieve;

          4, to enhance the regional market sales performance and market share

          Salary: basic salary + commission + bonus.2016 years sales staff average income of 120 thousand yuan.

          Welfare: five insurance, statutory holidays and other paid holidays five days a year, sales of foreign travel standards (2015 standard Angkor Wat tour), the annual staff travel, and other spring festival, Mid Autumn Festival, quarter and other benefits.



          Art design

          job responsibilities:

          1. responsible for the image display of publicity, product design, brochure design atlas of the graphic design work;

          Including graphic design,

          2. is responsible for the promotion of material products: box, brochures, posters, hard wide;

          3. printing poster design company responsible for the exhibition activities and special poster design;

          4. is responsible for mobile terminal, Web UI design work;

          job requirements:

          1. college degree or above, major in art, graphic design or related, at least one year design experience;

          2. proficiency in Photoshop, CorelDraw, lllustrators and other design software;

          3. understand the software UI, product ID renderings rendering, etc.;

          4. has a high artistic design ability and art skills, creative;

          5. interview please bring your own design work.

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